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May 1, 2009

My new blog is right here:  Kohary’s Cove

One problem I’ve always had with this blog was that it was my personal blog…but what did “personal” mean exactly?  I have so many interests, opinions and personal updates that it’s hard to keep them sorted out when posting to a single place like this.  I wanted a “personal” blog that was about me and my family, something for my extended family and friends to keep tabs on what we’re up to, but do they really want to read about my opinions on, say,  politics or religion?  Probably not, though they might like hearing my opinions on less heated topics, such as a good movie I recently saw or a good album I recently listened to.  And anybody who might come here to read my opinions may not care about the personal stuff – and I’m not sure I’d want to tell them about it!  As a result, I ran into a lot of “writer’s block” when attempting to post here, and the end result was that I rarely posted.  I wanted to, and I thought of plenty of ideas all the time, but what to actually sit down and write about, from among the myriad topics of interest to me and my visitors?  What to do, what to do?

The solution, of course, is to have separate blogs that are more focused on specific topics.  I think that if I maintain separate blogs, I’ll be a lot more inclined to write, because I’m not going to worry about offending a distant relative with an opinion on something sensitive to them, and I’m not going to worry about some random basement-dweller ogling pictures of my family.  I mean, those things might still happen, but at least now they’ll have to specifically choose to visit the blog that’s going to present that information to them.  Hence, I am splitting this blog into several pieces, and this is the last post I will be making in the muddled, unfocused mess this blog has become.  I’ve decided to break things down according to my interests like so:

My new personal blog:  Kohary’s Cove.  This will be strictly a PERSONAL blog, mainly of interest to my family and friends.  How is the Kohary family doing, and what are they up to?  Here is where you can find out, and everyone who doesn’t know me or my family will probably be bored to tears by it.  That’s fine with me.  I will still post about some of my hobbies at this blog, like movies, music and computing, and other fun stuff I find during my forays on the intertubes, but “issues” will generally not find their way here.

My science and skepticism blog:  Scientific Skeptic.  This will be all about science and skepticism, and my thoughts on the scientific issues of the day.  I’m passionate about this subject, and I plan to post a lot here because I have a lot to say on scientific issues.

My movies blog:  Mike On The Movies.  Another subject I’m intensely passionate about, this is where I’ll post all my thoughts, views and reviews about what I’ve seen on the big screen.

My general issues blog:  Seattle Karma.  Views on life and issues from the Pacific Northwest.  There may be some crossover here with Scientific Skeptic, but if you’re less interested in how I’m doing and more interested in what I think, this is where you’ll find it, with an emphasis on the local Puget Sound perspective.

My music blog:  well, not yet, exactly.  But I am starting a new blog geared specifically towards classic heavy metal, called Classic Metal Mania, which I hope to commercialize and make a small pittance from.  Check it out if you’re a into hard rock and heavy metal of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

So that’s it!  They look a little rough right now, because I just installed them and am still working on converting content (you didn’t think I’d throw all these posts away, did you?), but they should come together right quick.  I’m motivated, I tell you!  I may start other blogs, depending on my interests and available time, but in the meantime, these are 5 blogs I’m committing myself to, and I plan to post at least several times a week to all of them.  I hope my family and friends will all join me at Kohary’s Cove, and anyone who is interested in the other topics, feel free to head on over.  Hope to see you around!

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